Fire Alarm and Emergency Evacuation Procedures

H&R would like to ensure that your safety is complete. The building's life safety systems will protect you in case of an emergency, but we also require the assistance of each customer and occupant in the building. Before there is an emergency, make yourself aware of all emergency exits, fire phones, pull stations and fire extinguishers.

There is a two-stage fire alarm warning system:


An alert alarm tone at 20 strokes per minute through the voice communication system. (This alarm alerts Security to a problem and locates it on the monitor panel at the central security office.)
Security will use the public address system to advise you of further action, if any.


Three rapid bell sounds followed by a pause will sound through the voice communication system. As well visible flashing lights emitted from the visual notification appliances (flashing strobe lights).
THIS IS THE GENERAL ALARM AND REQUIRES PROMPT EVACUATION. Security will notify you over the public address system of exactly what to do. Walk, do not run, to the nearest emergency exit and wait for instructions from your Fire Warden.

Points to remember during an emergency: