Life Safety Systems

The TransCanada Tower has double stairwells and fully sprinklered office space, which have a life safety system in place to provide all occupants with protection during an emergency.

The life safety systems:

  1. A trained Security Officer monitors the central Fire Alarm System on the main floor twenty-four hours a day.
  2. There is a complete sprinkler system for each floor.
  3. Smoke detectors on each floor, which, when activated, will register on the central alarm panel.
  4. A public address system with speakers located throughout each floor.
  5. Pull stations on each floor.
  6. A fire phone to the main floor fire control centre on each floor.
  7. Fire extinguishers on each floor.
  8. A Fire Warden system.
  9. The capability of bringing all elevators to ground level or a predetermined crossover floor.
  10. Two separate emergency stairwells that run throughout the entire height of the building.
  11. Automatic smoke removal from each floor.
  12. Emergency lighting throughout each floor and in both stairwells.
  13. Exit signs throughout each floor indicating evacuation routes.
  14. Flashing strobe lights visible throughout the floor.
  15. Clearly marked cross over floors to aid in evacuation should an emergency occur. When the fire alarm system is activated, Floors 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 33 become cross over floors. These floors are accessible from both stairwells, and provide a protected route between the two separate stairwells.