Disposal of Larger Items of Garbage


Recycling and the disposal of garbage in the TransCanada Tower is a major undertaking. On a daily basis we fill three large cages with paper for recycling and have 5 to 8 metric tonnes of garbage removed weekly.

The disposal of garbage placed in the compactor is subject to a payment partly determined by weight. Certain items such as furniture, large objects and binders cannot be disposed of in the compactor and require separate disposal, again involving haulage and disposal charges.

Space is allocated on the dock for the handling of garbage and recycling. This accommodates the normal daily amount of paper recycling and garbage that comes down for disposal from the offices and shops. The dock is very busy throughout the day and although we can handle additional amounts we do need notice to ensure we have the room to locate it and the facilities to deal with it.


In order to ensure that we have the capacity to handle higher temporary volumes of garbage and recycling and to allocate the cost of their disposal to the people who use the service the following procedures are in place: